Below is a FAQ that should answer many of your questions about Percussion History and Literature

This FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions) may offer answers to some of your most pressing questions. If you have a question that isnít addressed here, do not hesitate to contact Dr. Weinberg by email at, or call my office phone at 520-626-7055

Who should take this course?
Percussion History and Literature is designed for Percussion Performance Majors and Music Educations Majors at the College/University level. This course is perfect for any graduate student preparing for written and/or oral exams.

What is the difficulty level of this course?

Percussion History and Literature is an upper-divisional course in the 400 series for Undergraduate Students and the 500 series for Graduate Students.

What information is included in the Percussion History and Literature course?
The course contains a very thorough overview of the history and literature of percussion instruments from the early influence of Janissary Music to the 21st Century. There are six main modules to the course: Background and Essential Information, Instrument Histories, Orchestral Literature, Chamber Literature, Percussion Ensemble Literature, and Solo Percussion Literature.

What materials are included in the course?

All course materials are available online. EVERYTHING you need to complete the course is available online. While there are suggested texts that students are encouraged to purchase, all required and suggested materials are available on the website.

Can I see the syllabus for the Percussion History and Literature course?
Yes. to see the Topic Syllabus, click here.

How is the course taught?

Percussion History and Literature is taught entirely online, using a combination of media-rich files such as video, audio, musical scores, articles, powerpoint presentations, and photographs.

How are Exams given and taken?
All exams can be given online or live.

How long does the course last?
During the Spring and Fall semesters, the course is designed to be completed in 16 weeks. During the Summer Sessions, the course is designed for an 8-week session.

Can anyone take the course?

Yes. As long as the student has an internet connection, they can take the course.

Do I have to enroll in Percussion History and Literature for credit or can I just audit.
You must enroll in the course for credit. It is not possible to audit the course.